RobotEra (TARO) Price Prediction 2023 And Beyond (2023)

As indicated by the name, RobotEra revolves around a futuristic robot theme where individuals can buy and own virtual real estate in the metaverse of RobotEra. In the RobotEra Metaverse, individuals are at liberty to come up with their self-made games and experiences, and the same is supported by its TARO token.

In this piece, the future price of RobotEra (TARO) is predicted along with its presale price rounds. The RobotEra presale began on November 11th, 2022, and may sell out as early as Q1 2023 at its current pace.

The Pre-sale token supply is set to be around 270,000,000 TARO. RobotEra is an ERC-20 tokenwith a total supply of 1,800,000,000 TARO, of which 270,000,000 is allocated to the presale with a hard cap of 6,930,000 USD.

RobotEra Price Prediction

Given the current bear market and being so early in its roadmap, it is difficult to make a price prediction for RobotEra. At the time of writing over $400,000 has been raised however, which is an impressive early level of interest in this upcoming NFT game.

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While making price predictions at this stage might not be an easy task, we can forecast that RobotEra is set to achieve great feats in the times to come. In fact, after noticing the progress made by other metaverse projects, it becomes evident that RobotEra is surely a promising crypto asset to invest in.

Some experts are even predicting its price to reach 20x of its presale value after looking at its potential and investors’ response. By observing the roadmap of RobotEra, it can be said that 2023 Q1-Q2 is quite promising for it since RobotEra is planning to take up a few activities.

These include, amongst others, building an alpha metaverse galaxy and introduction of VR/AR and gameplay. Besides these, the investors will get an early bird advantage, leaving ample of scope for them to move upward since RobotEra is predicted to start with a small capitalization.

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Tokenomics of RobotEra (TARO)

The term Tokenomics refers to a combination of economics and token. It refers to the demand and supply dynamics of a cryptocurrency project. As noted, the cornerstone for all transactions and interactions inside the RobotEra ecosystem is its utility token TARO. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 utility coin.

The direct users of this will be gamers, developers, and publishers who will utilize it throughout the ecosystem. This will also enable players and creators to exchange resources and build a user-based platform of rewards while creating and disseminating authentic experiences of virtual metaverse gaming.

In total, 1,800,000,000 TARO tokens form a part of the supply chain. To note the token allocation percentage-wise, institutional investors were allocated 2% of the total supply. Presales 1, 2, and 3 commutatively constitute 15% of the total supply.

Team allocation is at 10%. Whereas, Advisors are getting 3% of the total supply. Play-to-Earn Rewards and Treasury/DAO constitute 25% and 33%, respectively. Lastly, DEX liquidity and ECO fund constitute 3% and 9% of the total supply of TARO tokens available in the market.

RobotEra Presale Price Stages

Currently, the trend is to set up crypto private sales or ‘presales’ in multiple stages to ensure more popular amongst investors. This is primarily for the reason that the early investors get an early bird advantage in the form of a high return on investment. From the below-mentioned data, it can be noticed that the RobotEra has also staged prices for its presale.

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Illustratively, the pricing for TARO in stage one is $0.020 per token. Stage 2 will, however, raise the cost to $0.025 per TARO. In effect, this indicates that stage one investors will already have a 25% gain. Not only that, this will be raised to $0.032 in the third stage. This seems very promising for investors, and TARO tokens might be among the best cryptocurrencies to purchase during the crash.

Presale StageQuantity of TokensPrice of TAROStage Hardcap
1st Stage90,000,000$0.020$1,800,000
2nd Stage90,000,000$0.025$2,250,000
3rd Stage90,000,000$0.032$2,880,000

Why Should You Invest in RobotEra (TARO)?

RobotEra, a leading metaverse platform, looks forward to redefining the contours of virtual reality. On this platform, one can construct gardens and theme parks, purchase real estate, make friends, and build its own robot. Access to this brand-new platform can be made through the use of TARO, which is the native token of RobotEra.

Through RobotEra’s “shared multiverse” crypto game, players will be able to engage and share their individual virtual world experiences with one another. This function connects users to other worlds by creating theme parks, museums, concerts, and other attractions.

One of the most interesting things is that all the players are divided into seven continents (also known as the Seven Continents of the New World), each representing a distinct ideology that coincides with the origin story of RobotEra. RobotEra is all about a community-centered initiative where users engage in the creation, discovery, building, and development of NFT assets for trading within the existing community.

The TARO, the game’s currency, is crucial for engagement in RobotEra. Traders have been overwhelmingly receptive to this token, and as a response, less than three weeks after the presale commenced, it collected more than $120,000. The explanations for why a trader ought to begin funding this new token are provided below:

Play-to-Earn Feature

The transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming speaks for the fact that it is an era of play-to-earn games. Youngsters are investing profusely in those platforms that allow them to earn money or token while playing any game. All that a gaming enthusiast wants today is a seamless play-to-earn gaming experience in the metaverse that could provide him with an opportunity to generate money, and RobotEra offers everything of that sort to him.

On Taro, players could have a taste of entertaining gameplay like mining, exploration, creation, and battle. In addition to all of this, they could earn a huge chunk of money through multiple methods like raising sacred trees, selling NFTs, running advertisements, staking tokens, etc. In addition to this, the fact that players engage in a variety of games on this platform allows RobotEra to rebuild Taro and produce concrete benefits for its users.

All-in-One Platform

RobotEra is not limited to play-to-earn games; its offerings go way beyond it. For providing a holistic blockchain-building experience to the users of this platform. RobotEra incorporates non-fungible tokens into the gameplay. ERC-721 (land/continent) and ERC-1155 (robot companions) tokens are used to signify user-generated digital assets. The platform ensures the indefinite exclusivity and traceable exclusivity of NFT products by employing the ERC-1155/721 token standards.

Through the usage of these standards, the tracking of token ownership to an individual level, with the help of a smart contract, can be made possible. Every token is provided with a special identifier and may also have selectively stored unique features. A virtual robot avatar will step in for every player in RobotEra. Users will sign in to the metaverse with the help ofthese digital IDs for the first time. Each player’s identity information is separate.

Unique Attributes

The utility of RobotEra gets substantially increased through its unique features. This increased utility plays an important role in increasing the price of the TARO token. If you, for example, are a major supporter and have a Robot NFT avatar, well, kudos, you will just be able to distinguish yourself from other gamers. Your custom virtual identity for your Taro trip will be a 3D character representation that is similar to the NFT avatar.

Similarly, the platform allows its users to have access to every land with different specifications, different topography, and different resources. Players can even purchase these lands and can do anything, such as mining, accumulating resources, building houses, and a lot more special thing. Further, players can even change the looks of robot companions with the help of the robot editor. These companions can even be traded and can be a good source of income for the players.

DAO Governance

The presence of DAO governance also raises the credibility of this platform in the eyes of investors, which helps in the appreciation of TARO tokens’ value. TARO promotes decentralization as it has been developed by all users collectively. There is an absence of a centralized official system or centralized leadership. Each player has the opportunity to propose or specify the tactics that will be used by their faction, as well as how the tokens will be used in their personal treasury.

If players like to engage in governance and become managers, then they are required to pledge their tokens. These players have the right to determine the future development direction of their respective forces. Voting is only available to those who haveproperly deposited tokens. In this way, players play a key role in repairing the TARO planet and making sure that it shines like a bright star after its reconstruction.

Staking of TARO tokens

Nowadays, every crypto trader is in search of a source for passive income, and in this regard, TARO tokens come out as a profitable option for them. The TARO tokens allow its users to stake them for earning passive income. This crypto staking feature plays an important role in making RobotEra a profitable deal for its investors.

What are the Factors that Affect the Price of TARO Tokens?

Though TARO tokens are in the presale stage right now, however, there are many factors that have a key role in determining their value during its presale stage and post its presale stage.

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RobotEra Project is KYC Verified

Some of these factors include:


It is a universal law that the price of a commodity is affected by the basic law of demand and supply. The price of crypto rises when it is scarce and falls when it is plentiful. If TARO tokens are listed on crypto exchanges, the law of demand-supply will have a bearing on the price of these tokens.

External and Internal Reasons

Factors like platform governance, news, and government policies can affect the price of any token drastically. Recently, the fall of FTX exchange has brought down the value of FTX tokens heavily. Internal issues in a company can bring down the price of any token if these issues come out in public. Similarly, sometimes, news reports increase the price of a crypto asset if they highlight a positive picture of the crypto to the investors.

The prices of TARO tokens will also be affected by general information and updates on the government’s stance regarding cryptocurrencies, court judgments concerning cryptocurrencies, and management changes in cryptocurrency corporations.


The investors will only invest in those tokens that would provide some sort of utility to them. Otherwise, their investment in any token will slow down if there is any decrease in their perceived utility of the token. Considering the wide range of offerings made by RobotEra, the price of TARO tokens will certainly have a high run provided they get listed on any exchange. As and when it keeps adding new things to its list of offerings, the price of TARO tokens will go up on their price charts.

Partnerships and Associations

It is important for any crypto to associate or partner itself with leading organizations or financial institutions. Such associations or partnerships bring confidence and trust among the investors towards the crypto. As long as RobotEra keeps on engaging in activities with different institutions through the way of partnerships and associations, the price of its tokens will be on the high end.

RobotEra Profitability – Case Study

While it is true that a 25-40% increase looks quite good to attract potential investors, it is not sufficient to transform into a huge amount of selling pressure when RobotEra launches. One of the major reasons behind the increased interest of investors in pre-sales is that large profits could be realized in a short period of time. While quite popular these days, a few years back, these were known as initial coin offerings.

You can watch the below linked video by Jacob Bury to know more about the RobotEra project.

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Is RobotEra a Good Investment

As we can notice from the current times of ‘crypto winter’, presales achieve great targets even if it is a market characterized as a bear market. The enthusiasm and interest of the investor peak during the initial phases of the crypto asset.

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While it is true that the cryptocurrency industry is now in a bear market, traders and analysts anticipate a comeback in 2023 as we approach the next Bitcoin halving (expected in early 2024). For that reason it can be a good time to invest in new crypto presales ahead of that time.

Wide Viral Following

TARO coin is a new initiative taken by RobotEra. However, in a short span of time, it has established a positive reputation in the cryptocurrency market. Although the number of existing investors is not known, it can be said that it enjoys an active community of loyal investors based on its social media following.

Appeal to Gamers

This crypto asset opens up new avenues for investors and is quite appealing. The goal of the project is to develop a metaverse like The Sandbox where players can build robots, own land, and take part in the construction of the universe. RobotEra is distinctive because fresh updates will be issued every three months, and the roadmap will change in response to community feedback.

High Utility for Holders

One positive point about RobotEra is that even passive investors could stand to gain from their investment in RobotEra. It is not at all necessary to pay to trade actively if you want a good return on investment (ROI).

RobotEra project will provide comprehensive information about their active presale, upcoming coin listing dates, and other market-profitable prospects. In the current times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find trustworthy, dependable information about genuine investment opportunities, which comes with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

RobotEra on Social Media

Investors must join the expanding RobotEra community to get to know more about this promising cryptocurrency asset. Use the official links on and beware of impersonators and scams in direct messages – admins of crypto projects will never message you first as a safety measure.

Who can Invest in RobotEra (TARO)?

For many investors, RobotEra (TARO) may certainly be a good investment.

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RobotEra Whitepaper

In case you are wondering who can invest in RobotEra (TARO), then we’ve put together a list of a few of those investors below:

The Beginners

In case you are somebody who wants to venture into the world of play-to-earn crypto games and wants to experience the thrills of the metaverse, then RobotEra comes out as a great investment opportunity for you.

As a beginner, one can easily start investing in TARO tokens by participating in its token presale and getting the deal at a reasonable price.

The Professional Traders

Even for professional investors or traders, RobotEra can be a good source of investment. If you are somebody who invests in crypto tokens from the long-term perspective, then you can also consider investing in RobotEra.

Since the tokens are only in the presale stage, there is a high possibility that they will increase if they are listed on the crypto exchanges. Therefore, you could start purchasing TARO tokens at low prices from its presale and then sell them whenever their price increases.

The Gaming Enthusiasts

RobotEra caters to every need and expectation of any gaming enthusiast. Today is an era of Web3 gaming, and with the increase in popularity of play-to-earn games, one has to understand that these platforms will replace traditional cryptocurrencies and be the leaders of the crypto industry in times to come.

Therefore, if you are a gaming enthusiast, who wants to earn money with the help of its gaming skills, then RobotEra is an excellent investment for you as it gives exactly what you are looking for, with added advantages of staking and NFTs.

What to Know Before Investing in TARO Tokens?

It is quite exciting to invest in crypto for investors and users. However, before committing to any investment, one must conduct an extensive assessment of their risk tolerance along with adjacent variables in order to earn promising returns on their crypto investments.

Invest in RobotEra: Do Your Due Diligence

It is recommended that an investor shall undertake thorough due diligence before investing in a cryptocurrency.

The trades executed by an investor should not be influenced by their fear of missing out on a lucrative investment opportunity. In fact, any decision taken to invest in a highly volatile space of cryptocurrency in new age markets should precede a thorough assessment of all relevant factors affecting the crypto asset under consideration.

Business model, team, white paper, website, and existing partnerships of the concerned entity are some of the key factors that should be looked into before making any investment in cryptocurrency. Looking at these factors, an individual will be able to make an informed decision so as to minimize his investment risk and maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Taxation on Crypto Earnings

Before investing in crypto, investors should keep in mind the applicable taxes that will be attracted to their crypto earnings. For example, the Internal Revenue Service in the United States of America considers cryptocurrency (TARO, in our case) as a type of property rather than a currency.

The implication of this is that one has to pay income taxes when one receives such an asset as payment. All in all, TARO investors must keep in mind that they might be subjected to tax incidence on long as well as short-term basis as per the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.


At the time of writing, the RobotEra presalehas started and is in its first week. It will be interesting to see how this unique cryptocurrency performs once it is launched. According to the price predictions explained in this guide, it is a promising investment for the times to come.

Further, owing to the potential of this project, which CoinSniper has already confirmed, it is already being hailed as one of the most popular presales of 2022. SharkTeam has examined the RobotEra contract code in its entirety.In fact, given the robust foundation of the project, even LBank Labs has supported RobotEra. For the same reason, RobotEra represents one of the best future crypto assets for investors to invest in today from a long-term perspective.

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What is the RobotEra project?

RobotEra is all about a futuristic robot theme where individuals can buy and own virtual real estate in the metaverse of RobotEra.

What is the RobotEra (TARO) token?

RobotEra, with the ticker symbol TARO, is an ERC-20 token that powers the metaverse of RobotEra. It has a total supply of 1,800,000,000 TARO, of which 270,000,000 is allocated to the presale with a hard cap of 6,930,000 USD.

What is the price of RobotEra?

Though the pricing for TARO in stage one is $0.020 per token, however, Stage 2 will raise the cost to $0.025 per TARO.

What will be the listing price of RobotEra?

As of now, the listing price of RobotEra is not decided, however, looking at the investors’ response towards its price, it is certain that it would cross its presale price very easily.

What will RobotEra be worth in the future?

It is predicted that price of RobotEra would reach 20x of its presale value after looking at its potential and investors’ response.

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