ICS Visa World Card - conditions and fees in the test (2023)

Pay worldwide and make wishes come true. With the ICS Visa World Card, card users enjoy unlimited flexibility. The ICS Visa World Card is therefore a reliable companion on every trip. Cardholders do not pay any fees abroad with euro currency. If there is a currency change in the EU, a fee of 1.85% is charged on the turnover and % in the rest of the world. Within Germany, fees are also charged for cash withdrawals, as you can see from the conditions ...

The financial flexibility of the ICS Visa World Card includes: the possibility to load additional credit onto the card.A cash withdrawal from the credit limit reduces the costs!The cash withdrawal is then not 4.00% and at least 5.00 euros, but only 1.00% and a maximum of 1.50 euros.

With the ICS Visa World Card, customers receive a 4.00% discount on every travel booking via the cooperation partner Urlaubplus.com. Applying for a Visa credit card does not require a new checking account.

ICS, International Card Services B.V., is a company of the Dutch ABN AMRO Bank and has been active in Germany for more than five years. With 3.5 million cards in stock, ICS is the tenth largest credit card provider in Europe and the market leader in the Benelux countries.

Our editorial test of the ICS Visa World Card

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1. Card application

Three essential questions must be answered before starting the application process for the ICS Visa World Card. These are aimed at querying the essential prerequisites for purchasing a credit card. It only makes sense for applicants who can answer initial questions with "YES" to continue the application process. That saves a lot of time. The initial questions relate to

  • the age of majority,
  • the availability of a German bank account
  • and permanent residence in Germany.

Dieuser interfaceis structured and appealing – neither overloaded nor distracted from the application process by unnecessary advertising material (which we regretted in other tests). The application therefore only takes a short time. The input fields are absolutely understandable.

In addition to personal information, there are two to three questions about the employment relationship and the creditworthiness of the applicant. Other circumstances are excluded. The application consists of one page. This creates motivation even for those who are only interested in advance.

With the"Next" buttonthe applicant is already summarizing the information and can check it. With the“Confirm and send application” buttonthe application for the ICS Visa World Card has been completed for the time being. A few minutes later, the applicant receives the confirmation email from the International Card Service that the documents have been received and the corresponding status information. During a telephone inquiry, we found out that credit cards are only issued to those applicants who have amonthly salary of at least 1150.00 euros netfeature.

Two weeks elapse between the time the application is submitted and the receipt of the credit card. After all documents have been checked, the remaining contract documents will be sent by post and with thePostIdent procedureconfirmed. The applicant cannot avoid this identification procedure. The credit card arrives at the applicant after seven to ten working days. The PIN will be sent shortly afterwards.

This is how the identification via video chat works: To start the identification via video chat, customers are directed to the POSTIDENT portal of Deutsche Post AG via a link in the application process. An ID card or passport is required for identification. Customers are connected via video chat to a service employee who guides them through the identification process. During the identity check, two photos are taken of the ID document and a portrait photo of the person to be identified, and the security features and holograms are checked. Finally, the recorded identification data is displayed to the customer for verification. After the confirmation of the data by an SMS tan, the identification is complete.

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The application process for the ICS Visa World Card is possible on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. However, this is not yet an application route optimized for mobile devices.


Our experiences regarding the online application are consistently positive in relation to

  • speed
  • Structure
  • and clear step-by-step explanations.

It is a simple, structured application process without a lot of "tam tam". It's done within a few minutes. What the applicant saves in terms of time in the application process, he regrettably makes up for in the approximately three weeks he has to wait until he has the credit card in his hands. He can also choose between the PostIdent procedure and Video-Ident.

Since May 2015, ICS Visa World Card applicants have been able to benefit from the bank's real-time decision. This means that an evaluation takes place in a matter of seconds. If this is positive, the application documents can then be printed out directly, the PIN can be selected and the registration can be carried out in myICS.

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2. Online banking

The customer can set up his own free online account via "meinICS". To do this, he needs the security code that comes with the application documents.

The online account "meinICS" corresponds to the current standard in online banking. The customer can keep track of his account transactions around the clock. The cardholder receives his statements free of charge via "meinICS". However, registration is only possible if you are in possession of an ICS Visa World Card. The user-friendly interface of the online account with its chic design and clear structure is positive.

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Basic functions and services are available, but it is incomprehensible that transfers should be made over the phone. Then why the online account that for

  • transfers to the reference account,
  • Credit deposits from the reference account as well as
  • Should third party transfers be available?

At this point, long-term optimization processes are required.


Externally, the online account makes a lot: chic design, clear structure and self-explanatory. Only the functionality leaves something to be desired, e.g. B. in relation to the transfer and transaction options - in addition, the International Card Service for customers even oneAppready. In addition to the usual services such as an account overview and customer services, this includes above all the latest tips on discount campaigns for travel and luxury items. In addition, with the worldwide location search for ATMs nearby, any ATM can easily be found.

Since May 2015, users and credit card holders of ICS credit cards have also been able to manage their accounts via a corresponding app. An account can then be viewed at any time anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

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3. Payment Transactions

Forcash withdrawalswith the ICS Visa World Card in Germany, we recommend using the credit limit. This reduces fees by 4.00%, but at least €5.00 per withdrawal.

Cash withdrawals abroad are free of charge. Outside the euro payment area, a fee applies. These are

  • 1.85 %of sales in EU countries that do not use the euro as legal tender and
  • 1.85%of turnover if the cash withdrawal is made outside the EU zone.

For allCash withdrawals is a daily limitof 750.00 euros prescribed.

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Transfers can be made free of charge from the ICS Visa World Card to the reference account. Other transfers from the ICS Visa World Card to third party accounts are included2.50 euros per transactionchargeable. Transfers can be made within the credit limit. The same applies to cashless payments on the Internet or in shops.


The ICS Visa World Card is particularly suitable for trips abroad because of the fee-free cash withdrawal. However, you cannot avoid foreign currency fees with the ICS Visa World Card.

However, it remains somewhat inexplicable that the cash withdrawal that the credit card holder draws from his or her own balance still costs fees? In return, the ICS Visa World Card gets a few cuts from us.

4. Terms of payment

According to the General Terms and Conditions (status: 05.12.2016) the following applies: If the debit balance of the monthly statement is settled in full within 21 days, the bank waives the assertion of interest on the claims that arose during the last statement month. This results in up to seven weeks or 51 days in which interest-free due monthly balances can be settled. And secondly, the date of the monthly statement is always used as the basis for calculation.

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5. Interest

The interest on the ICS Visa World Card gets a plus point, if only because of the relatively low debit interest. In the test of our permanently fee-free credit cards, the debit interest rate is14,85%below that of other fee-free credit cards. This debit interest is due for partial payment on outstanding amounts. If the credit card balance is fully settled during the "interest-free payment period" (which remains somewhat unclear with the ICS Visa World Card), the customer does not pay any debit interest.

A little unfortunate is the fact that credit card holders have the option of loading unlimited amounts on the credit card, but cannot earn a cent on the credit card interest.

Since the ICS Visa World Card is permanently free of charge, you can turn a blind eye to the lack of credit interest. Despite everything, the Visa World Card is different on this pointfree credit cards in our comparisonafter.

6. Security/Deposit Protection

The ICS Visa World Card has the usualsecurity featuresa Visa credit card. The card has next to a

  • embossing,
  • the CVC check number as well as
  • the EMV chip.
  • "Verified by Visa" makes online shopping safe.

On the subjectdeposit insurancelet me say the following: the bank, being a Dutch company, is legally protected by theDutch Deposit Insurance Fundfor banks in the Netherlands. This secures 100,000 euros per customer at 100 percent. However, there are no other additional or private security systems.

With regard to the fact that an unlimited amount of credit can be loaded onto the ICS Visa World Card, caution should be exercised as the deposits are only secured to a limited extent. We advise customers not to store more than EUR 100,000 in credit on the ICS Visa World Card.

ConclusionFor customers who never park more than 100,000 euros on the Visa World Card, the statutory deposit guarantee with the Dutch deposit guarantee fund is perfectly adequate. In other cases, we advise caution, as any amounts in excess of the protection limit are not covered by deposit protection.

7. Bonus, Rabatt, Cashback

After applying for the Visa World Card, applicants can individually select the PIN for their credit card or create their own combination of numbers.

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The ICS Visa World Card cannot score with numerous bonus programs, but at least withTravel discounts through the cooperation partnerHoliday Plus Ltd. Customers who book through this tour operator and pay the bill with their credit card will receive one immediately after returning from their tripReimbursement of five percent of the total travel price. At least that's better than nothing.

So if a credit card has little to do with discount campaigns and cashback programs, the ICS Visa World Card is a good choice. Otherwise it is always worth taking a lookour comparisonwith numerous free credit cards.

8. Insurance Benefits

The spectrum of insurance benefits is narrowly diversified with the ICS Visa World Card.

If desired, payment protection insurance can be taken out for a fee - a kind of residual debt insurance for the partial repayment option. The insurance intervenes when credit card holders protect themselves from such risks

  • Tod,
  • Incapacity for work,
  • involuntary unemployment or
  • serious illness

want to secure - reasons that could lead to the balance on the credit card no longer being able to be settled. The amount of this optional insurance benefit is monthly0.79 %the balance due at the time of the credit card statement.

overall conclusion

This permanently fee-free Visa credit card is an offer with notably attractive conditions. Not only the conditions are attractive, but also the entire presentation and layout of the internet portal from the application to the use of the online account. All in all, this can be rated as absolutely user-friendly and satisfactory. In addition, all input masks, forms, etc. are characterized by a clear structure and unambiguity in their description. A mobile application, even if it is not yet fully optimized for mobile devices, is still possible with a little patience. The only regrettable thing is the three weeks that have to be bridged until you receive the ICS Visa World Card. Accordingly, this credit card is more for long-term than for spontaneous customers.

The International Card Service also offers an app that contains some more or less useful functions. Unfortunately, you cannot make transfers with this app.

Above all, the ICS Visa World Card is worthwhile for frequent travelers who often stay abroad. With a credit card, it is possible to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad free of charge, apart from the foreign currency fee. Within Germany, however, a fee must be paid. Accordingly, it is even worth using the ICS Visa World Card for trips abroad rather than in Germany.

The debit interest rate is the lowest in our test of free credit cards. Unfortunately, the balance does not earn interest, which is unfortunate as this can be topped up to an unlimited amount. However, due to the limited deposit protection offered by the International Card Service, we advise against making deposits of more than EUR 100,000.

The interest-free payment target could be formulated more clearly by the company itself. During their research and additional telephone inquiries, our editors came to the result of an interest-free payment period of up to seven weeks.

Bonus programs and insurance benefits are secondary and not interesting with this credit card. Other features are much more important. However, if you really want to protect yourself, you can take out residual debt insurance at a low price when you apply.

Frequent travelers really get their money's worth. In addition to free cash withdrawals from ATMs abroad, where the foreign currency costs must be taken into account, you can also use profitable offers from the cooperation partner Urlaubplus GmbH, if travel bookings were paid for with the ICS Visa World Card, you will receive a refund after the trip to the Total price of 4.00%.

All in all a solid offer, especially if you are abroad a lot but still in the euro payment area.

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